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For Mental Health Professionals

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For Mental Health Professionals

Mental health professionals provide critical care and support to survivors of sexual violence through all stages of their healing journey. The information provided here is designed to guide you should one of your clients disclose they have experienced a sexual assault in the last seven days. The information contained herein applies to survivors who are 18 years old to 69 years old. Mandatory reporting laws governing your license and practice apply for all other age-groups, and survivors who are considered at-risk by Colorado law.

In the state of Colorado, survivors of sexual assault have a variety of reporting options. Colorado recognizes that sometimes survivors just need time to know what it is they want to do and to understand the options available to them. As a mental health professional, it is crucial you have the correct information about a survivor’s rights under state and federal law as well as up to date information on the sexual assault specific services and resources available to them. Please visit our resource map to locate the nearest sexual assault nurse examiner/forensic nurse examiner program and/or rape crisis victim advocacy resource.

Providing your clients with correct information about their reporting options, especially if the sexual assault recently occurred, will ensure survivors have access to the full range of options available to them including medical care payment options and the preservation of evidence in case they later wish to speak with law enforcement.

Ways to Report