Survivor Services
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For Survivors

Sexual assault affects all of us. People of all gender identities, sexual orientations, racial and ethnic backgrounds, abilities, and socioeconomic statuses may experience sexual violence or know someone who has experienced sexual violence in their life. The You Have the Right Campaign is intended to provide you with information on the rights and options available to you in the aftermath of a sexual assault experience in the State of Colorado. You are not alone and there are resources and laws to support you.

Knowing what to do in the hours, days, or weeks after you have been victimized can be extremely challenging. It can be very confusing and overwhelming to think about what you want and need in the aftermath of being sexually assaulted. You likely have lots of questions and perhaps are not sure where to turn.

This website covers all the reporting options you have in Colorado and your options for forensic medical care, including how to cover the costs of seeking medical assistance. Colorado offers survivors three reporting options if you choose to seek medical care, and two of those options enable you to receive medical care at little to no cost without having to talk with the police. The state of Colorado recognizes requiring survivors to speak with the police as well as the costs of healthcare can be an insurmountable barrier preventing survivors from seeking the medical care they need. Colorado has worked to remove those barriers.

We have also included a section on this website for your friends, family members, and loved ones to assist them in understanding your options and rights. Deciding whether to share your experience with a friend, family member, and/or loved one is extremely scary as you may be unsure how they will react. These pages offer you and your friends, family members, and loved ones some resources so you can all be educated about resources and options available in Colorado. Our resource map is a searchable database of sexual assault support resources and medical programs where trained professionals can help you figure out your next steps. We encourage you to take a look and locate a supportive service near you.

Ways to Report