For Friends and Family

for friends
It can be an emotional and challenging experience to support a survivor of sexual assault. You are likely trying to process your own feelings about what happened to your loved ones while wanting to be the best support you can be as they decide their next steps. Disclosing a sexual assault to a friend, family ... Read more

Who Pays for the Medical Forensic Exam?

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One main barrier in deciding to seek medical care after a sexual assault can be paying for the medical care. Survivors may be concerned that seeking medical care will mean that their privacy will not be protected as they may have to give out their insurance information. However, there are several different entities that cover portions ... Read more

What Is a Medical Forensic Exam?

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Moving Away From “Rape Kits” While “rape kit” is often heard in the media and on television crime shows, this term does not fully encompass the spectrum of care given in a medical forensic exam and may discourage individuals who do not identify with the term “rape” from seeking medical care. “Medical forensic exam” (MFE) is ... Read more

Colorado Reporting Options

colorado reporting options icon
What reporting options does a survivor have in Colorado? In Colorado, survivors of sexual assault between 18-69 years old, who do not have intellectual or developmental disabilities, have three options for reporting. Even though the term “reporting” is used, only one of the reporting options involves speaking with the police. With the other two options, ... Read more
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