Is sexual assault mandatory report to law enforcement?

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There is often confusion about whether certain professionals have to report sexual assault to law enforcement. Understanding these requirements will enable you to provide accurate information to survivors so they can make informed decisions related to their healthcare and other needs. Community-Based Advocates Community-based advocates are required to maintain confidentiality unless the survivor is under ... Read more

What are a Sexual Assault Survivor’s Reporting Options?

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In Colorado, survivors of sexual assault between 18-69 years old, who do not have intellectual or developmental disabilities, have three options for reporting. Even though the term “reporting” is used, only one of the reporting options involves reporting to the law enforcement. For two of the reporting options, survivors can seek medical care and/or submit ... Read more

Who Can I Refer a Survivor to?

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There are several sexual assault advocacy and counseling resources available in Colorado to assist survivors in their decision-making process. Take a look at our resource map to find a nearby confidential sexual assault advocacy program and/or some 24/7 help line numbers survivors can call. Victim Advocacy vs Therapy An advocate's role is to provide information on options, ... Read more

What Should I Say to a Survivor Who Seeks Support?

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For Advocates Survivors who are seeking your support likely did not come to this decision easily. They may feel powerless because of a lack of knowledge of their rights, options, and resources, or simply overwhelmed by the experience they have undergone. It is often necessary to get assistance from someone familiar with the systems and ... Read more

For Professionals

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Supporting a survivor of sexual assault can be an emotional and challenging experience, even for professionals. It can be scary for a survivor to disclose their sexual assault as they may not be sure how a person may react. Your reaction to their disclosure and the support you provide them will be critical to their ... Read more